SSM Seyhan Social Hub

SSM Seyhan Social Hub

Seyhan Social Hub (SSM) is part of the Sucuzade Urban Plaza Project. It is a structure composed of a large square form eaves above two building block with the open space which is part of the main square.

The small block is a stand-alone performance center. The ground floor is the entrance hall and it serves as an exhibition hall with foyer. On the upper floor, there is a multipurpose hall with two storey auditorium. The basement floor is connected to the courtyard of the open stage and can be used as an exhibition and entertainment area. The opaque facade of the building is used as a display screen for the exterior amphitheater.

The big block consists of a city library and classes where the social and cultural education of the habitants will be held. All kinds of academic courses can be done in this block, as well as painting, music, handicrafts or performing arts workshops.  The classes, which were located half an elevation below the street level, are creating a relationship with the street while benefit from daylight. The different levels allow for safe exterior playground for children’s education and maintenance units. By the way of the air circulation created at the ground level, the natural ventilation has been provided for the building as the city in the hot climate zone. 

  • Year / Month :2016
  • Program : Civic-Culture, Library, Exhibition, Theater
  • Client : Seyhan Municipality
  • Status : Competition / 2nd Prize
  • Area : 17 760 m²
  • Team : Inan Karacay, Ilker Ertugrul, Fahmi Ardi, Bengi Altunay
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