Inner G

Inner G Entertainment Facility

A sustainable landmark: Inner G

The project is composed of three main layers evolving in a symbiotic and sustainable way. In response to the climate, a monumental urban canopy like a sun umbrella will provide shade, shelter, and comfort to the pedestrian areas placed below. Climate comfort ensures having a meeting place that offers a relaxed natural atmosphere, a real oasis away from the stress of urban conditions, experiencing activities and nature in an organic artificial topography. Over the activity programs and under the shade canopy, a large open space is defined by its artificial geography. It groups energetic and shaded activity zones along its gardens patios and joyful activity courses, rather than offering a traditional enclosed / hangar buildings.

The Concept

Inspiration of Nature The proposal for the Inner G Family Activity Centre – Riyadh explores the value of the cultural and natural landscape inheritance as a design opportunity to address climate issues in the facility, while catalysing the urban potential of the site in the emerging new urbanization. Inner G is called to be the most attractive/important family activity platform of Riyadh, embodying its dynamic character, showcasing its new sustainable identity and its motto:

“Healthy child = Happy family

A solar canopy

A bioclimatic passive strategy generates a three shaped structure roof introducing a large-scale architectural element which deals with climate issues. It allows several possibilities to integrate a solar photovoltaic system, powering the complex, saving energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. Moreover, the canopy allows northern light to penetrate while no direct sun rays enter, while natural convection is encouraged. The geometrical roof structure embodies a classical timeless reference to Arabic spatial culture, creating at the same time an exciting family experience under the visual roof continuity, becoming a worldclass family activity destination. Defining itself as an urban ecological device, the canopy will become a strong urban image, such an iconic horizontal landmark which will provide identity to the vicinity.

Inner Gardens

Among the green areas proposed to reduce the ambient temperature while creating the new microclimate, we can find a very special green features: theme gardens which will be showcased as vegetal biomes, which will enhance local and foreign biodiversity. Those gardens of scents will be like glazed clusters, such a protected special area. The Inner Gardens will host plants from the Arabic world as well as others at the same latitude as Riyadh. To reduce water consumption, inner gardens will be irrigated with recycled water to create the humid and dry landscapes and encourage biodiversity.

  • Year / Month :2017
  • Program : Entertainment, Recreation, Restaurant
  • Client : CAS Engineering
  • Status : Concept Design
  • Area : 5 240 m²
  • Colloborators : Walltopia
  • Team : Inan Karacay, Ilker Ertugrul
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