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CDS was established in Istanbul by the brand of "Critical Design Studio" in January 2015.

The CDS, which founded on over 10 years of experiences of the Founding partners did a lot of comprehensive projects as well as Turkey, in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Peru in about 5 years. During the projects, local partnerships had got into in London and Addis Ababa.

The studio is practice mainly focuses on urbanism and architecture. CDS’s approach is simply a way of integrating the practice in human-centred design activities as a useful tool for people to critically think about possible futures. We believe the design has other possibilities beyond solving problems as we focus on not only its function but also present social, cultural, economical and ethical implications of design practice.

The Studio was founded in September 2019 as CDS UG (haftungsbeschränkt) in Germany. And the studio has started its career with a residential renovation project in the village of Capellenhagen in Hildesheim Duingen. CDS UG, aims to develop a successful business in Germany and Europe and to continue its activities in the world market.


What we design,

design us.

As the world evolves, so do our capabilities. The design industry-agnostic model is strategically built to work as a multidisciplinary organization. The nature of our engagements typically falls within key areas of the practice. Our team takes over the design process from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them into our innovations.



  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Architecture

Structural Design, Mechanical Design and Electrical Design Services can be provided with solution partners upon request.



CDS UG (haftungsbeschränkt)        

İlker Ertuğrul, Founder
M.Sc.Architect, Mimar Sinan GSÜ, Istanbul.

Eren Ahmet Işık, Bauleiter
B.Sc. Civil Engineer, Leibniz Universität, Hannover

Advisory Members

Ilhami Unal,
Dipl. Ing. Architect, Leibniz Universität, Hannover

Nehir Irmak,
M.Sc. Architect, Leibniz Universität, Hannover

Barış Bakır, Advisory Member
B.Sc. Architect, Leibniz Universität, Hannover

Alef Halis,
B.Sc.Architect, Leibniz Universität, Hannover

Baumeister / Construction Workers
Ali Fikretov Aliev,
Sevginan Feim,
Dzhengiz Yahya


CDS Urbanism and Architecture Ltd.

İlker Ertuğrul, Co-Founder
M.Sc.Architect, Mimar Sinan GSÜ, Istanbul.

N. İnan Karacay, Co-Founder
Landscape Architect, Kassel Universität,



Tuna Şensu, Senior Architect
M.Sc.Architect, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul

Yunus Emre Dokumacıoğlu, Senior Architect
M.Sc.Architect, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul

Samet Dalgic, Junior Architect
B.Sc.Architect, Namık Kemal University, Tekirdag

Deniz Tutucu, Junior Architect
Istanbul Technical University

Emre Seyran, Junior Architect
Istanbul Technical University


Contributers; Prof. Dr. Adnan Kaplan, Ali Talha Koc, Aysel Ceylan, Basak Enuysal, Bengi Altunay, Devrim Karacay, S. Deniz Akman, Elif Toroman, Fahmi Ardi, Metin Tuncel, Murat Kadri Savas, Songul Gedik, Sermin Senturk, Tuna Sensu, Zeynep Oba


Experiences of Founder Ilker Ertugrul

As the Studio:

Misburg Zivilschutzbunker Renovation, Conceptual Design
2020 / 2063 m², Hannover, Germany

Solingen, Penthouse Renovation, Architectural Design
2020 / 175m², Solingen, Germany

Cologne Djemevi (Köln Cem Haus) Conceptual Design
2020 / 2011 m², Cologne, Germany

Basel Living and working Space For Small Households
2020 / 2280 m², Basel, Switzerland / Competition

Historic House (1752) Renovation in Capellenhagen, Duingen
2019/ 375 m², Hildesheim, Germany / Schematic Design Phase


As the CDS Turkey Studio:

Taiba Healthcare HQ Façade Design
2020 / 9.300 m², Rasulayn, Oman (On-going)

Armutlu Lakefront Recreation Project, Landscape Design
2020 / 16.372 m², Yalova, Turkey

Talas, Mevlana Square National Architectural Competition (Advisor)
2020 / 23.117 m², Kayseri, Turkey

Ganjan City Happy Land Headquarter Façade Design
2020 / 7865m², Erbil, Iraq

Fritolay, Suadiye Plant Maintenance Workshop And Offices Renovation
2020 / 305 m², Kocaeli, Turkey

Uyuni Salt Flat Shelter, reThinking Architectural Competition,
2020 / 224 m², Uyuni, Bolivia

Fritolay, Suadiye Plant Resting Area Expansion Project
2020 / 160 m², Kocaeli, Turkey

TEGV Corlu Education Unit Interior Architectural Design
2020 / 680 m², Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey / Under Construction

ABHA International Private Hospital Interior Design Projects
2019/ 42.000 m², Abha, Saudi Arabia / Completed

TEGV Corlu Education Unit Architectural Design and Consultancy
2019 / 630 m², Çorlu, Tekirdag, Turkey / Under Construction

GK Sofia Square Project, Architectural Working Drawings of Towers
2018 / 273.000 m², Sofia, Bulgaria / Completed

Fallow Deer Restaurant Interior Design
2018 / 5000m², Unayzah, Saudi Arabia / Completed

Dashen Bank Office Building Architectural Design Project
2018 / 4.100 m², Harar, Ethiopia / Completed

Çorlu Historical City Center Urban Renewal Project
2018 / 101.853m², Çorlu, Tekirdag, Turkey / Completed

Al-Nozha Service Station Master Plan
2018/ 5.340m², Jeddah, Saudi Arabia / Completed

New Centre of Borovets, International Competition for Conceptual Design Awarded
2017/ 27.500 m², Samokov,  Bulgaria. / 5th Place (Prize)

Inner G Family Activity Center
2017 / 5240 m², Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kent Life Residential Campus, Facade Renovation and Landscape
2017 / 56.000 m², Sancaktepe, Istanbul, Turkey

BahirDar University Art School Complex
(Includes Faculty, Performing and Visual Art Center, Accommodation and Social Center)
2017 / 84.471 m², Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Bandirma Design Park International Urban Design and Architectural Competition Awarded
2017 / 261.471 m², Bandırma, Balıkesir, Turkey. / 4th Honourable Mention Prize

Building Re-Functioning for a Dormitories
2017 / 384m², Hereke, Kocaeli, Turkey / Completed

Sucuzade Urban Plaza and Commercial-Social Centre Awarded

Urban Design and Architectural Competition
2016 / 74.300 m², Seyhan, Adana, Turkey / 2nd Prize

Renovation of Saray Historical District
2016 / 34.220 m², Çorlu, Tekirdag, Turkey

Çorlu Municipality, Youth and Community Centre
2016 / 6773 m², Çorlu, Tekirdag, Turkey

Sivas Municipality, Kızılırmak Habitat

International Urban Design and Architectural Competition
(Collaboration with GTL – Landschaft Architektur, Kassel, Germany)
2016 / Portfolio, Sivas, Turkey. Pre-Selection Final Tour Elimination

A House Renewal Design-Build in Acarlar Residential Campus
2016 / 117m², Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed

Luleburgaz Aquatic Centre Architectural Competition
2016 / 82 400 m², Lüleburgaz, Kırklareli, Turkey

Park Oran Mixed-Use Master Planning
2015 / 2 986 400 m², Oran – Algeria, Conceptual Design

TESKI Headquarter Office Building Architectural Competition
2015 / 31 000 m², Tekirdag, Turkey

Altınpark Residential Campus
2015 / 78 500 m², Armutlu, Yalova, Turkey / Under Construction

Inan Plastic Headquarter Architectural Advisory
2015 / 1.560 m², Velimese, Tekirdag, Turkey / Completed

Marmara Cam – Glass Factory Executive Room Renewal Design-Build
2015 / 32m² Interior and Exterior, Misinli, Tekirdag, Turkey / Completed

Gaziemir Aktepe-Emrez District Urban Design and Architectural Competition Awarded
2015 / 1 200 000 m², Gaziemir, Izmir, Turkey

Equivalent Prize

Quality Award in Urban Design  - IMSAD
(Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers)

Akcansa Cement Plant Facade Renovation
2015 / 67 000 m², Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed

Ordu Pharmacy Interior Design
2015 / 36m², Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed

Erbaa Natural Piney Social Habitat, National Architectural Competition
2015 / 16 000 m², Erbaa, Tokat, Turkey / Participant

Armodies Thermal Park Hotel – 2
2014 / 11 300 m², Armutlu, Yalova,  Turkey, Conceptual Design


As Senior Architect of other companies:

Sberbank – Denizbank Headquarter Tower
2014 / 38 000 m², Gayretepe, Istanbul, Turkey  / Completed

Armodies Thermal Park Hotel
2013 / 18 000 m², Armutlu, Yalova, Turkey / Completed

Armodies VIP Residences
2013 / 425 m², Armutlu, Yalova, Turkey

Piri Reis Plaza – Çokalcı Riverfront Urban Design and Architectural Project
2013 / 375 000 m², Gelibolu, Çanakkale, Turkey / Completed

Sile Seafront Urban Design and Architectural Project
2012 / 295 000 m², Sile, Istanbul, Turkey


As Junior Architect of other companies:

APA-GiZ High-rise Office Tower
2008 / 22 385 m², Levent, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed

VEKO-GiZ High-rise Office Tower
2007/ 22 622 m², Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed

Zeytindalı Residential Campus
2006 / 5 200 m², Cengelkoy, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed


As Freelancer Architect

Building Re-Functioning for a restaurant in Beylerbeyi Historical District
2007 / 184 m², Beylerbeyi, Istanbul, Turkey / Completed


As Architecture Student

Prosteel Borusan, Student Community Center Steel Structure Design

Architectural Student Competition
2006 / 1600 m², Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Çuhadaroğlu, Bahsayiş Village 2nd World War Blockhouse Visitor Center

Student Competition
2004 / 2000 m², Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey

MimED 2002 Architectural Student Project Awards, Edirne Handicrafts Center.
2003 / 1700 m², Edirne, Turkey / 3rd Mention Prize

Projects experiences



Borovets Resort International Design Competition

5th prize


Bandirma Design Park International Design Competition

4th Honourable Mention


Sucuzade Town Plaza Urban Design and Architecture Competition

2nd Prize


Gaziemir Urban Renewal Area Urban Design Competition

1st Prize