Corlu Youth Centre

Çorlu Municipality, Youth and Community Centre

Çorlu is the second biggest center after Istanbul metropolis in the Thracia Region in Turkey.  The population of Çorlu has increased 5 times in the last 45 years as a result of the rapid increase in industrialization and it is growth from 53 thousand to 270 thousand.

Rapid population growth has revealed the need to address the needs in all spheres quickly. In this process, Çorlu Municipality was took a program for youth center project in order to serve the young population. The requirements were prepared jointly with the municipal authorities and the CDS. In the project, the building is divided into two considering to the usual street use at the ground level, and the main street connected the back street by a passage.  Due to the lower level of the back-street level, this connection has been evolved into the building’s amphitheater and activity area. By the leveling operation, the sports hall and meeting halls on the subfloor were provided natural lightening, and social uses have been proposed on the upper floor.

The first floor of the building is divided into two parts: Street side have administration, library, training and meeting rooms, and other side also the game and entertainment hall. The game room is connected to the road elevation with a large ramp and this ramp is also designed to be used as a garden. The ramp is also the green roof of the gym in the basement and there are 3 light tubes on it. By this design, the building is directly connected to the streets in three different ways.

On the 2nd floor of the building there are classrooms, presentation rooms, workshops and a nursery with an outdoor terrace. The third floor is designed as a guesthouse independent of the rest of the building. Guest rooms, can serves to sportsmen, technical delegations and others who comes to Çorlu for the purpose of sports events or similar activities, and also can serve who institutional guests of the municipality.

  • Year / Month :2016
  • Program : Culture, Sports, Entertainment
  • Client : Corlu Municipality
  • Status : Concept Design
  • Area : 6 773 m²
  • Team : Ilker Ertugrul, Inan Karacay
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