Corlu Historical District

Çorlu Historical District Urban Regeneration

Çorlu is the second biggest settlement after Istanbul metropolis in the Thracia Region in Turkey. The Town has undertook the mission of an important military base from Ottoman Empire Era to the end of the World War II. Agriculture has grown fastly in years, then Industrialization followed it. 

In this development process, the old city center where public buildings were densely occupied in the 19th century had been inactive and the city has left its place to the new urban life which was settled to the east gateway of the city.

Currently, a long-term planning study has started upon the request of Çorlu Municipality to revitalize this historic town center and to reorganize as a cultural and art usages for the residents. Transportation system has been reconsidered in the center of the city and the historical center has been adapted to the pedestrian access. In addition, strategies have been developed for the city’s main transportation hub and the highway system has been re-planned. Instead of the removed government building, parking, meeting and event areas were planned CDS’s aimed holistic design and planning study to bring new style life form by replacing the new art and culture usages in existing government buildings and providing high quality public space, parks and many open usages including existing historical area which related with retails. CDS has transformed the military campus into the main library and social facilities.

  • Year / Month :2016-18
  • Program : Culture, Public, Retail, Open Space
  • Client : Çorlu Municipality
  • Status : Design Development
  • Area : 101 853 m²
  • Team : Inan Karacay, Ilker Ertugrul, Elif Toraman
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