Sucuzade Urban Plaza

Sucuzade Urban Plaza and Commercial-Social Hub

Çukurova region is located in Turkey’s southern coast where hot climate zone of the country.  Adana is the central and largest city of Çukurova and the project area is located in Sucuzade Quarter in the old town of Adana which has a thousand years of history.

In the project coordinated by Seyhan Municipality, CDS aimed to provide a qualified environment by considering the existing urban morphology and to create an iconic public space for Seyhan. Apart from this, functions within the project area was linked to both the old city center and the new settlement areas and also new transportation strategy has proposed in scale of the  city.

As the climate is the humid and hot; solar and wind conditions have simulated through the design process. The organization of blocks was shaped according to the simulation results and the maximum natural ventilation. To provide shaded streets for pedestrian, buildings were linked by mezzanine platforms. Through the design of retails, the function’s proposed within the form of passage which is related with shaded open seating areas.

The Seyhan Social Hub is an important part of the project. The building designed as a transparent interface between indoor activities (theater, library, gallery, workshops etc.) and open spaces.

  • Year / Month :2016
  • Program : Retail, Office, Library, Theater, Hotel
  • Client : Seyhan Municipality
  • Status : Competition / 2nd Prize
  • Area : 74 300 m²
  • Colloborators : Bastug Structural Engineering, Istanbul MEP Engineering
  • Team : Inan Karacay, Ilker Ertugrul, Fahmi Ardi, Bengi Altunay
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