LYYA Aquatics

Luleburgaz Aquatic Centre

Lüleburgaz, which in Thrace region, located on the Anatolian and European transport routes, one of the most important centers in the region for over 600 years, has been one of the fastest growing town in recent years. Especially in the last 10 years, the modernization of the city with the renewal of the settlements and the renewal of the public buildings has reached a remarkable speed.

As part of this transformation, a aquatics center was planned on one of the city’s dominant hills. This facility is divided into 3 different sections according to the functional groups.

In the first part (A Block) there is an Olympic swimming pool and water polo where the international competitions can be organized and the local teams can train in it. These pools are divided into two parts with audience zone.  On the ground floors there are fitness, warm-up pools, changing rooms, first-aid and other technical services for professional players. On the upper floor, there are foyer and cafe for the visitors.

In the second part (B Block) there are exterior and interior sport halls which are open for daily use of citizens. This section includes a recreational swimming pool, a SPA and a Fitness. There is also a private pool section which can be used both for physical therapy and for recreational purposes for handicapped people.

The third part consists of exterior sports and recreation areas that can be used in summer. Consists of activity areas such as wave pool, sunbathing areas and water slides.

  • Year / Month :2016
  • Program : Leisure, Sports, Recreation
  • Client : Lüleburgaz Municipality
  • Status : Competition / Shortlisted
  • Area : 82 400 m²
  • Team : Inan Karacay, Ilker Ertugrul, Fahmi Ardi
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