Dashen Bank

Dashen Bank Commercial Building

Dashen Bank, established as a private sector investment, is one of the largest banks in Ethiopia. It is named after one of the highest peaks in Ethiopia. The project is a commercial building consisting of the Harar Branch of Dashen Bank and offices that can be rented on the upper floors. 

Harar was established in the 7th century and is include in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO in this day and age. It is one of the 2 privately controlled cities in the Ethiopia with the capital city Addis Ababa.

All of the functions of the building have been generated by the bank management’s needs. According to requirements, Dashen Bank Harar Branch was located in 700sqm of ground floor and 300sqm of mezzanine floor. 

The first and second floors consist of approximately 500 sqm and flexible partitionable rental areas. For the next 4 floors approximately 300 sqm of rental place were requested. In this section, the 3rd and 4th floors were pushed backwards, and a floor garden related to the street was obtained and open spaces suitable for the climate of Ethiopia were formed. These floors are designed for cafes and restaurants, allowing flexible space usage. The 5th and 6th floors are designed for offices. The back garden created on the 5th floor can also be used as open activities or resting areas of these floors.

  • Year / Month :2018
  • Program : Bank, Office, Retail
  • Client : Dashen Bank
  • Status : Concept Design
  • Area : 4 100 m²
  • Colloborators : S7 Architects
  • Team : Ilker Ertugrul, Inan Karacay
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