TESKI Headquarter

As a historical and cultural center in Thrace, Tekirdağ has gained metropolitan status in 2012 due to the increase in industrialization in its various districts. Following this development, new buildings needs were arised for new Metropolitan Municipality and other public institutions. TESKI is the City Water and Sewerage Administration and is one of the public cooperation.

TESKI building, north of the city which was new zoned and located on a sloping land, is formed of 3 sections. The first block, which is related with the Metropolitan City Hall and a common square, is equipped with functions that are used extensively by the public, while the less used functions are collected in the second block. The lowest block in the direction of sea view was reserved for the administration of TESKI.

The courtyards between the three blocks was divided into two parts. In one part, the conference hall, the assembly hall and other meeting rooms was designed while the other part was open social areas. A nursery was designed open to the courtyard for the children of the employees.  In the basement floors, the warehouse, archives, underground parking and technical rooms were located.

  • Year / Month :2015
  • Program : Office, Civic-Culture, Administration
  • Client : Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality
  • Status : Competition / Shortlisted
  • Area : 31 000 m²
  • Team : Ilker Ertugrul, Inan Karacay, Songul Gedik, Aysel Ceylan
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