Gaziemir Urban Renewal

Gaziemir Aktepe-Emrez Urban Renewal Districts Master Planning

Izmir is the biggest city of Aegean State in Turkey. The competition scope is to explore the urban strategies and planning for the Aktepe and Emrez urban renewal neighborhoods of Gaziemir County, which also next to the regional airport of the state.

There are two stream beds on the west and east slopes of the project area. Moreover, the project area ends with a heavy metal industry and cemetery area in the north. It is limited to the Transit highway and the International Fair complex in the south and the Railway in the east.

In the existing area of the project, which is coordinated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Department of Urban Transformation, substantially unregulated illegal settlements are observed.

By CDS’ holistic approach for the design context, considered topographical and physical data, transportation integrationsi in planning process. Residential areas were designed in different typologies and these were integrated with social facilities. The existing commercial zone were preserved with the same function and constructions was rehabilitated. However, low rise residentials and recreation areas were located nearby the stream beds, and mixed use, high rise buildings were proposed towards the hill. All these building groups have been integrated with a strong urban green space. The city park and mixed use area in the hilly region were also connected with the fair area and the organic connection between the fair and the city provides pedestrian acces to project area by fair visitors. In the long term, phytoremediation as a renewal method has been proposed for the factory area, which constitutes heavy metal pollution in soil.

  • Year / Month :2015
  • Program : Retail, Office, Residential, Culture
  • Client : Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Status : Competition / 1st Prize
  • Area : 1 217 816 m²
  • Team : Inan Karacay, Ilker Ertugrul, Zeynep Oba
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